Serious Work

Serious (fine liner, watercolor)
Someone Smiles (fine liner, watercolor)
One day I decided to practice drawing faces. This time I decided to do so without lifting my pen. It proved out to be difficult and I only managed to draw some weird, unhappy people. When I concentrated, I managed to make ONE guy look happy, but it was hard. I used a black fine liner for these sketches and I think that the watercolor I added on the background made the spread look much better.

This practice was fun to do although it may not seem that way. Using fine liner instead of a pencil and never lifting my pen made drawing a bit scary and that's why this was a good practice for me. I'm still thinking too much about the end result when I draw. That's why starting is sometimes hard for me. I'm getting better though. Practices like these help me a lot. I can enjoy the final spread even if most of the faces are far from perfect. Actually the most weird ones make me as happy as the good ones.