Rock Paper, No Scissors

Hanging Gardens(fine liner and ink) Valley Low(ink)

Scales(fine liner, ink, watercolor) A Horse(ink)
I bought some new sketchbooks a couple of months ago and now I couldn't resist them anymore. We were going to draw and paint with ink at school and I wanted to try it out before my lessons, because I felt a bit rusty. This was a great excuse for me to start  my new Ogami sketchbook. Ogami uses a recycled material called Repap in all their products. It means that the paper is made of calcium carbonate and non-toxic resins. It sounded so interesting I wanted to try it out as soon as possible.

I noticed that it took some time for the ink to dry because the paper was very smooth. This is why I could play a little with the ink. I could add and remove ink before it had a chance to try. Unfortunately I didn't wait long enough and made a little mess with my fingers. I used so much ink that it got to other pages too. With all the small details in Scales and Hanging Gardens I used a Micron 0,05 black fine liner, that has become my best buddy. Finally, I added some watercolor to Scales trying to cover up some of the smudges I made.

Here's another spread I made after the small ink accident that occurred earlier. I started with the stains and ended up with some birds. A lot of smudges here too, but I don't mind.

A Migration(ink, fine liner, watercolor)

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