Nature's Little Wonders at Lake Lestijärvi

The End of a Roach(pencil, black fine liner, watercolor)

A Happy Dragonfly(pencil, black fine liner, watercolor)
For these sketches I used my Ogami sketchbook again.  I was very excited about how the paper reacts with watercolor. The paper doesn't absorb the water right away so you have some time to play with it. With the pink background I kept moving the watercolor around with a brush for few minutes until it started to dry. I'm very happy with the left page, but the right one is too messy. I would have wanted the color to be more even. Now it takes some attention away from the dragonfly itself.

The other thing I thought about while drawing these was the use of an empty space. Especially with the roach and the pliers I tried to place them on the spread differently than I usually would have. Every sketch doesn't have to be in the middle of the page. Actually placing the objects differently has a huge effect on the end result and in many cases makes the work look more interesting.

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