My First Ball Gown

Today I started practicing for my future lessons starting in January. The aim is to design and make beautiful sketches of dresses using different techniques. I noticed that I've never actually drawn any dresses or made any clothing design sketches since drawing princesses as a young girl. I decided to use some inspirational sketches to get started so I found myself in Pinterest going trough different kinds of fashion sketches. At first I felt a bit rusty, but when I kept drawing it got easier as usual.

My favorite is the one I did last. I took the pose from a sketch by Michel Canetti and designed my own ball gown. Then I added some glitter, because after all, its New Year's Eve!

Ball Gown (pencil, watercolor, glitter glue, diamond stickers)

I love the fashion poses, because they are so interesting to draw. Also, the human proportions are usually way of, and you get to exaggerate. What could be more fun? I wanted to use different designers' sketches so I could try out different styles. I used sketches from designers and artists like Pamella Rowland, Katie Rodger, Marchesa and Holly Sharpe.When I relaxed and let myself draw without thinking too much, I also started to like what I was doing more.

Now, because my blog is all about showing you that it's OK to draw, even though all your works are not masterpieces, I will also show you the first five sketches. There you go!

The First Five (pencil, watercolor, glitter glue)

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