Greetings from Tallinn!

Teachers' year started with a day that was full of speeches and lectures and because I had some difficulties to concentrate for eight hours straight I had to come up with something to do while listening. Luckily I knew how the day was going to be and was well prepared. I took my sketchbook with me and the day just flew by. Eight hours felt like three because I was drawing almost the whole time. Drawing usually helps me to concentrate on the lectures as well and I think it did so again. 

I had these two watercolored backgrounds that I had made earlier and now I finally came up with something to use them for. I went through the pictures of my cellphone and found some pictures of Tallinn. I took these pictures in December when I was visiting Tallinn Polytechnic School, Tallinna Pol├╝tehnikum. I really liked Tallinn and all of it's beautiful streets and buildings. I took a lot of photos I could make sketches of later.

I chose these two pictures because they show two different sides of Tallinn. The other one is from the old town and the other looks more modern. Both scenes have something in them that I found appealing.

For both of these works I used pencil and watercolors. Finally I added some light with white ink. I had to water the page so the ink didn't look too sharp from the edges. I added the watercolor and ink at home because it would have been too difficult at the lecture without a table. That's why I had time to draw other stuff as well. I will post those later.

Two Scenes from Tallinn (watercolor, pencil, white ink)

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