Important Things to Learn

Dried out Tulips in a Lazy Vase(ballpoint pen)
It has been a while since I've drawn something with a ballpoint pen. Perhaps the watercolors have taken all my attention. I love watercolors and usually I'm the most inspired while using them, but I think it's important to use different techniques. When I keep changing my way of working I have to stay alert and challenge myself all the time.

This time I happened to have some dried out tulips on a vase. I had been too lazy to throw them out and actually I kind of like the way tulips look when they get old. Originally, I was meant to paint a colorful picture of the fresh tulips, but this sketch was a good variation for me.

I still need to practice my thinking while drawing. With this one I didn't bother to draw all the reflections on the vase and now it doesn't look very convincing. It's almost impossible for me to draw something and leave it unfinished so that I could continue working later. I'd rather finish a work quickly than let it wait for me to get my inspiration back. That's actually a big problem for me, because when working tired and uninspired, I usually do something stupid. Like get lazy and leave something out. I think I'm going to add this thing to my list of Important Things to Learn(That I just made up). Point one: Don't force it, it's ok to continue later.

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