A Lonely Lunch

Going Bananas (black fine liner, watercolor)

One day at lunch I had to eat alone and because there was no one to talk to I started to draw. This time I drew some fruits that I had with me. I'm really starting to like drawing with a black fine liner because it makes drawing feel so exciting. You can't fix your mistakes and if you manage to finish your work, you may feel a hint of pride. It's a terrifying but rewarding technique.

After lunch I decided to color my sketches with watercolor. We were just practicing coloring techniques with my students and I used my bananas as an example to show them. I had just bought a lovely book about watercolor sketching few weeks ago and wanted to use the coloring techniques described in it. The book is called Urban Watercolor Sketching and it's written by Felix Scheinberger. Scheinberger uses a coloring method called glazing where you let every layer of color dry before applying the next layer. So we started to color our drawings one layer at a time. I think that the results were great. Nobody even wanted to leave when I told them that they could go home! 

PS. I actually have a new better sketchbook now because the old one had so thin pages that it was incredibly hard to scan. So hopefully the quality of my pictures is going to be better from now on. The old sketchbook would have been fine for pencil sketching, but it's not enough for me this time. Using different drawing instruments, adding color and making colorful backgrounds is a part of the fun for me because it adds the element of surprise to my work.

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