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I like drawing, but I've always considered myself to be just ok drawer. I know that If I have lots of time and perhaps a model I can manage to draw something that even I like. But why is drawing sometimes so difficult and frustrating?

I work as a visual arts teacher and this year I decided to do everything differently. It all began when I read a book called One Drawing a Day by Veronica Lawlor. The book is full of exercises that you are meant to do every day and this way perhaps find your artistic potential. First I used these exercises with my students, but then I started to wonder if I could also find my own artistic potential. I promised my students that I would do all the same exercises that they have to do. I made this promise partially because I thought that this way I could understand better what my students are going through while doing their homework.

The most inspiring thing for me in the Lawlor's book is the notion that if you're planning to draw, just draw and dont judge your work. You can use any kind of paper and pen. It's not important. The important thing is to draw.

My sketchbook cover, an orchid (ink, watercolor)

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