Personal Pear Shoppers

Pears (ballpoint pen, black fine liner, watercolor)

One day I had some photography lessons and my students were supposed to create ideas for their photo shoots. However some of them felt a bit hungry and tired. They also saw me working with my sketchbook and wanted to do something with watercolor. I think that it's very important to photography students to practice their drawing and especially their seeing skills, so I gave them 10 euros and sent them to a local store to buy some fruits for us to draw and paint. As a price for their brisk shopping I told that they could also buy some cookies to get their energy levels up and lift their spirit.

When they came back they had bought ONE pear and lots of cookies, so it was very easy to pick the subject. We started to draw a pear. My first pear was too thin, so I made the other one wider. There wasn't much to draw because the pear was so colorful it was almost impossible to see any shades on it. But there sure was a lot to color. The pear was very spotted and splattering the color with a brush worked well in this case. I think that the smaller pear has more interesting colors on it although I don't know why I had to add some black fine liner to it afterwards. I think that was a big mistake. The wider pear looks better without the black lining. Finally, I added some yellow and red watercolor to the background and let it run different ways. This work was fun to make, it made me want to paint more!

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