Sometimes It's Hard

What's Wrong with People These Days? (black fine liner, watercolor)
This is one of the works I'd rather forget. Everything went wrong with this one. Why are all the people so depressed!? Even the few ones that are laughing look a bit ill! I actually felt a bit ill myself when I showed this to my students. Well, it makes me laugh now so I guess it's maybe a good thing!

My idea was to try out different drawing techniques, because I'm still trying to find my own style. It was difficult to suddenly draw without a model and you can really see my struggle with this one. I want to say that this exercise got easier when I drew my first few faces, but no, it felt bad till the end! I just got used to the agonizing feeling I had every time I had to start a new face. The yellow color was meant to make this work happier, but it didn't work so well. Finally I added some purple to make it look more interesting.

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