Finding Courage

In a Bubble (ink)

One day I just started doodling. Nowadays when I draw I always have some kind of a goal, so sometimes it's refreshing to draw something pointless. The more I drew the easier it got. Suddenly I realized that I could draw anything that came to my mind. I didn't have to think about whether my drawings go together with everything else I had drawn. But it was surprisingly hard for me to forget about the end result. Thoughts about terrible looking page in my dear sketchbook kept popping to my mind. But as I said, it got easier when I drew more weird stuff.

I definitely have to do pages like this more. I have this strange belief that the more I struggle with my drawings the more it helps me to become a better drawer. Or it might be that I'm just torturing myself for nothing... We'll see. After all I've heard that there's no art without courage and I'm brave enough to suffer a little. I'm just getting there one step at a time.

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