Raimo's Point of View

Raimo's Point of View (Pencil)
Our school's photography teacher Raimo asked me to do a portrait of him for his anniversary. He wanted his portrait to be unconventional and mentioned some artists that he likes. One of those artist was Salvador Dali and for these first sketches I used some details straight from Dali's works to study his style. Raimo was also kind enough to get me some photos of him to use as a model for the portrait. There's some resemblance already in the first sketches and that gives me hope for the future work. I've noticed that some people are just easier to draw(unlike my sister) and luckily Raimo is one of those people. I'm not sure if this is just my imagination or not. It could also depend on the photo or the day.

I think that the final work will be an acrylic painting, but before I get there I think I'm going to do many more sketches. I have to think about the things I want to show and what influences of Dali will there be. Also the composition is really important and I have to think about it carefully.

This project feels very inspiring to me because I get to be creative and do lots of sketches and use different techniques. This is also a very challenging project, because I'm not used to painting portraits. I will be posting more sketches as I go on.

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