So Many Stories

So Many Stories 1(pencil, watercolor)

So Many Stories 2(pencil, watercolor)
My fourth lesson was all about eyes. I have often wondered why so many of my students like to draw eyes. Drawing eyes has always seemed so complicated to me. Well, now that I've tried it, it seems that it's not any more complicated or more difficult than drawing noses or ears or lips. They all have their own set of rules and when you understand them, it gets easier.

I started my eye lesson same way I start every other lesson; by finding models and looking pictures of the day's topic. I used my own eye as a model and looked out some old photos. When I had sketched enough eyes from a model, I started to design my own eyes. The first sketch without a model is always the hardest, but then it gets easier. You just need some courage and patience.

Backgrounds for these sketches were made with water mister and watercolor once again. It's a really quick way to add some color to your sketchbook pages.

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